XMLRPC Documentation


The Odds Oracle already includes support for command line equity and PQL simulations. However, because these tools run inside a JVM, there is a considerable start-up cost each time they are run. While this is not a problem when running interactively, this start-up penalty can prove prohibitive when a large number of simulations need to be run in a short amount of time. The XMLRPC server allows you to start up a single JVM and then query it multiple times from whatever environment you choose.

Personal Use Only

The XMLRPC server is for personal use only. If you are interested in licensing the server for a public website or other application, please contact nerdytenor on twitter.

Connecting to the Server

When you start the server at the command line, it will output a list of accepted XMLRPC method calls you can use from your application.

Running the server

ppt> java -cp p2.jar propokertools.cli.XMLRPCServer
Server runs on default port
ppt> java -cp p2.jar propokertools.cli.XMLRPCServer 12345
runs on port 12345