Boolean Clause Editor Example


In the "How many players", "How often", "How often each player", and "Require" editors, you can click on the status indicator to bring up a menu that allows you to combine logical expressions. For instance, if we want to know how often player1 has the best high hand on the flop and still doesn't win or tie high on the river, we can construct it thusly; first, we enter "How often PLAYER_1 have the best 5-card hi on the flop":

how often

Next, we click on the status indicator for the boolean clause (to the left of "PLAYER_1"), and choose "AND":


Our first clause now appears under an "ALL OF" heading:

all of

Now we can add the condition that player one neither wins nor ties. We create a "player_1 win hi" node:

p1 win hi

Next, we click on the "player_1 win hi" node, and select "NOT" to negate it:


Using the same process, we add a "player_1 tie hi" node, negate it, and our question is complete:


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