Shove Equity Tool Documentation

The Shove Equity Tool allows us to compute the expected value of shoving all-in and/or calling an all-in shove. For instance, suppose we are playing 1-2 hold'em, everyone folds to us in the small blind (one chip), and we push 30 chips all-in with a pair of threes. It is 29 bets for our opponent to call. Our opponent has not acted, so his hand range is entirely random at this point. Let's assume he is fairly tight here, and will call the shove with a pair of eights or better, ace-king, and ace-queen suited. We enter all of our data in the Shove Equity Tool and click "Compute Equity" - we discover that while both the shover and the caller have a positive expectation here (not surprising, given the dead blind money already in the pot), the shover expects to net over two chips compared to less than one chip for the opponent:
shove equity 1

If our opponent is a bit looser, calling with any pair, any ace, and king-queen, his equity goes up:
shove equity 2