Saved Ranges/Macros Tool Documentation

The Saved Ranges/Macros Tool allows you to create and save custom ranges for use in the Odds Oracle when using generic syntax.


Let's create some custom range macros. Under the "Tools" menu we find the "Saved Ranges/Macros" tool:
macros 1

Premium Hold'em Hand

For our first macro, let's define a premium hand for hold'em. We will define it as any pair TT or higher, any AK, and AQ suited. We will call our macro "premium". We enter all of the information, and click "Save":
macros 2

Now, we can use our new macro anywhere in the Odds Oracle. For instance, here is a race between JT and a premium hand:
macros 3

Decent Omaha Suits

While most macros are used to describe whole ranges, they can also be used to describe pieces of hands or range constraints. As a somewhat contrived example, let's define a constraint for omaha for 'decent suitedness' - a suited ace OR a double suited hand:
macros 4

Now we can apply our new constraint. For instance, here is an omaha hand with two tens and decent suitedness vs a random hand:
macros 5

More on Macros

For more on macros, see the Range of Hands Syntax Documentation