Odds Oracle Quickstart

The following should give you just enough information to get started with the Odds Oracle. In this example, we will use the Odds Oracle to compute all-in equity statistics.

Describe the Situation

First, we select the game, the hands for each player, and the board and dead cards that make up the situation we are evaluating. For this example, let's suppose that we (player 1) are playing hold'em, player 2 raises from middle position with a medium-strong range of hands, loosey-goosey player 3 calls with any two cards in the small blind, and we call in the big blind with a pair of eights. In addition, another player shows his mucked hand - the nine of spades and two of hearts. The flop comes down 765 with two spades. Here is a picture of this situation as specified in the Odds Oracle:

quickstart step 1

Choose Our Question

Next, we have to choose what we want the Odds Oracle to compute. Here, we have chosen equity stats:

quickstart step 2

Put the Oracle to Work

We click on the "Start" button, and the Odds Oracle will immediately begin computing our results:

quickstart step 3