Command-line Equity Documentation

The Odds Oracle includes the capability to compute all-in equity from the command line. To compute all-in equity, open a terminal, navigate to the directory containing the Odds Oracle p2.jar file (in the ui_jar directory), and execute the following command:

java -cp p2.jar propokertools.cli.RunEquity

All of the examples on this page were run on Linux.

Running Queries

ppt> java -cp p2.jar propokertools.cli.RunEquity -game holdem "AsKh" "Jd2c"
AsKh = 67.9187%
Jd2c = 32.0813%
1712304 trials (EXHAUSTIVE)
ppt> java -cp p2.jar propokertools.cli.RunEquity -game omahahi -board "Js5c3h" "JT98$ds" "15%-30%" "****"
JT98 = 35.3140%
15%-30% = 31.0044%
**** = 33.6816%
600000 trials (RANDOMIZED)
ppt> java -cp p2.jar propokertools.cli.RunEquity -game stud8 -full "As2s3s" "JcJhKd"
As2s3s = 59.2346% (winsHi=43.3250% (259950), tiesHi=0.0013% (8), winsLo=52.7532% (316519), tiesLo=0.0000% (0), scoops=43.3250% (259950))
JcJhKd = 40.7654% (winsHi=56.6737% (340042), tiesHi=0.0013% (8), winsLo=0.0000% (0), tiesLo=0.0000% (0), scoops=24.8558% (149135))
600000 trials (RANDOMIZED)


Executing RunPQL without arguments will give you a list of command-line options:

ppt> java -cp p2.jar propokertools.cli.RunEquity
Usage - RunEquity [-options] -game game hand1 hand2 hand3...
Options include:
-board board-cards (for flop games - default empty)
-dead dead-cards (default empty)
-full (gives counts of wins/ties with equity)
-randomized (forces a randomized simulation)
-exhaustive (forces an exhaustive simulation)
-syntax syntax (default generic)
-mt max-trials (for randomized simulations - default 600000)
-ms max-seconds (for randomized simulations - default 10)
-tc thread-count (default number-of-cores-on-your-machine)
RunEquity -game holdem 'AA' 'JT-65'
RunEquity -game omahahi -board 'JsTs4d2s' -dead 'Ks' -exhaustive -full 'AAJT' '3h9sTcTd'
RunEquity -game razz -syntax classic -randomized -ms 60 -mt 10000000 '237' '(8-8-8)'